Week 1 at the Whig

This week has been a change of scenery from my Old Ottawa South lifestyle.  I packed up my things, moved into my parents’ waterfront home and started interning at The Kingston Whig Standard, Canada’s longest running daily!

View from my computer... Thanks to Tori Stafford for letting me take over her desk!

I had a busy week! My first assignment was a really fun one. I got to interview Tom Axworthy, who was Trudeau’s principal secretary from 1980-84. He was working with Trudeau through the entire Charter of Rights and Freedoms extravaganza. He told me about negotiating with the premiers to come up with a deal to pass the charter. SO interesting. To read my article (which ended up on the front page!) click on the photo.

I was super excited to see my name on the front page of a newspaper! Crazy!

Wednesday I was assigned a video about a Model UN going on at a Kingston high school, but since it wasn’t starting until 5 p.m., I took the day to work in a Starbucks (the cutest one in the history of the world) and teach myself how to use the camera equipment. I never figured out the tripod, so did the entire video hand-held. It’s bad at times.

Thursday was very exciting—the federal government announced the closure of the Kingston Penitentiary. It’s pretty cool to be working for the daily paper of the town that the entire country is focused on. I had a bit of a stressful time with the historical timeline and had to really swallow the fact that I am an intern and I didn’t get to be ON the scene. It was awesome to be in the newsroom seeing everyone bouncing stories off each other, discussing leads, watching the news updates, and calling sources non-stop.

After what seemed like a week of interviewing high school students, I think the story I got out of the Model UN is extremely cute. Click on the photo of these boys to read about their rise to fame. You can also see my (shaky) video!

Two Grade 7s rise up the ranks at a Model UN conference.

Overall, I learned a lot about my own writing. I need to work on writing leads…I’m looking forward to getting a chance to write more next week.


One thought on “Week 1 at the Whig

  1. Nice post Emily. I hope you have a successful internship in the beautiful City of Kingston! I have to get back on schedule with my own posts

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