New year, new beginnings…

Watching my younger sisters and cousin head off to university this year was no easy feat for me.  As our parents cried because they’d miss them, I was sad for another reason: I started university FOUR years ago.


I didn’t want to come back to Ottawa (after my much-needed August vacation) because I 1) felt like a loser for being a fifth-year, 2) didn’t want to face the inevitable j-school stress that was upon me and 3) wanted to be starting fresh like my younger siblings.

But, other than my first year, September 2012 has been the most filled with surprises and, as the blog post suggests, new beginnings.

With a new addition to the house, new neighbours, and a new DSLR, the past two weeks have been filled with lots of fun.

I made the (financially irresponsible) decision to buy a new Canon T2i when the opportunity to take a photography class basically fell into my lap. (It should be noted that I got up at 8 am in a thunderstorm and had a garage sale, selling clothes and making $90 profit!)

I have always been interested in photography but never had the skills (or tools) to take good ones. So, I bussed out to Costco to get a great deal on the camera, a lens, a tripod, and Photoshop.  I decided that the class was an opportunity for me to really learn about photography and potentially make a great portfolio. That also meant that I would have to invest, and after much consideration I decided to do it.

I love my new camera and I am starting to develop a relationship with it. It’s a great outlet for stress and I love that I can go and being doing “journalism” without having to talk to people. It’s so enjoyable that I would do it if I didn’t have a class to hand it into, but it’s even better that I have a purpose! My dad told me yesterday: You are now dating your Canon! Go spend some time with it!

I’ve been shooting a lot and want to share a few pictures that I like. I have been playing around with settings and I don’t actually know anything about photography so, if you do, cut me some slack.  If you want to give me any suggestions on how to make them better/ if you have some tricks, please let me know!!

A few kayaks on the Ottawa River. I was snapping for a photo assignment. Didn’t think it was good enough to submit but I like it anyways!

The lighting is all wrong, but I still think this is a great picture of Christian.

I made this Swedish birthday cake for Sheilagh’s 23rd. It didn’t rise (old baking powder) but I’m starting to love baking!

Presenting the cake to the birthday girl…

Breakfast and coffee with good friends.

Beautiful flowers at the Farmers Market. The market is now at Brewer Park, which is close to my house. I went three times yesterday! It’s the best way to spend a Sunday.

A cute little boy checking out some flowers. Love this shot.



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