Second-year reporting

Everybody has a story…


An unusual Ottawa couple is advocating that being bisexual does not mean being sexually confused and is a sexual orientation that should be more widely accepted. Read the full article...

Foodbank Fundraiser in Perth

The Lanark County community came together in Perth Monday night at the kickoff fundraiser to promote the Perth and District Food Bank’s second annual Harvest Campaign. Read the full story…

Man arrested for recieving sexual favour steals police cruiser

An 18-year-old man who was arrested for receiving a sexual favour in public and proceeded to steal the police cruiser he was handcuffed in, was lectured and sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday morning. Read the full story…

Anti- prorogation rally

Usually when I am frantically trying to put together stories, Facebook is my worst enemy. This week, however, Facebook has been my savior. I was initially doing a story on the Glee Club at Carleton, which is pretty interesting. Read the story…



Alright, so I was a little bit scared of City Hall. Scared, and dreading it.  However, I ended up liking it. I love the whole idea of a media room.  Who knew journalists could be treated with such respect and importance? Read the story…

Winter retail trends



Dickinson-Statistics Canada

Warmer Canadian temperatures last November caused the largest monthly decline in men, women and children’s clothing and accessories sales since September, 2002, according to a study on retail trade by Statistics Canada. Read the full story…



Harper defends government’s decision

Dickinson-question period

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the government’s decision to have former Supreme Court Justice, Frank Iacobucci, review the documents pertaining to the Afghan detainee issue, angering the Opposition who continued to demand an immediate public inquiry and full release of the documents. Read the full story…


Breaking the silence on von Willebrand disease

This is the health article that I wrote for the second weekly edition of The Pulse, our second-year reporting class’ publication. Read the story…

Right-wing spitfire sparks protest at University of Ottawa



When I was assigned to cover Ann Coulter’s speech at U of O, I agreed so quickly because it was on Tuesday, early in the week, and I wanted to get my assignment out of the way. Little did I know, attending the event so early in the week, since the Pulse is published on Monday, would actually be much more difficult.  Because of the scope of the event, I was reading the news like a mad woman all week trying to include the newest updates on the story.  Every day Coulter had something new to say, and new angles on freedom of speech, hate crimes, and protesters were coming out daily. Read the story…



Wind Mobile soars into Ottawa market

Emily Dickinson

Wind Mobile officially launched in Ottawa Friday, making it the fourth Canadian city to be included in their network. Read the full story…




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