CU Listen

Fall 2010 was dedicated entirely to my radio reporting. These radio “voicers” are a product of countless hours spent in the editing room producing different pieces.


This voicer is from a newsroom day. The night before, I went to an event. The morning of the newscast I woke up and went to Parliament Hill, making it back to edit and write my script all before the newscast at 4 pm.


This is one of my most memorable reporting moments. I went downtown to interview a public health nurse, and decided that I needed to find someone who had a first-hand experience with the drug. I was a bit nervous, but I went into Lower town and started asking around. Various people led me to Dakota. I interviewed in the basement of the women’s shelter that she lives at. I was on a journalism high. In terms of how I put it together, I’m not entirely happy with it. If I could do it again, I would definitely mention that Dakota is reading something she wrote describing her friend’s overdose. I didn’t put that in my script, so the lead-in doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless, I really like this piece. It’s also from a newsroom day, but it was done the week of the newscast.


For the first newsroom week, I was the producer of the show. It was so stressful. I was stuck in the newsroom all day with millions of people asking me questions that I felt I was pretending to know the answers to. I had to cut one person’s story because when the show was live, I realized we were running out of time. I felt so guilty, I cried. Clearly producing was not something I was made for– at least not at this stage in my life. I’m really proud of this newscast, though.


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