The 25th Hour- 4th Year

The 25th Hour is a show that the fourth year TV students at Carleton produce twice a semester.  This was the most time consuming and challenging class of my life. It was also the most rewarding. I worked with two fellow j-school students, Stephanie Nurnberg and Kelsey Johnson.  We produced three documentaries, all of which I am very excited to have on my blog.

We took turns taking the reigns on each of the documentaries. On Medium Ground was my baby, and I am really happy with the turnout. It takes a look at mediumship as a profession and where it fits into the healing process after someone experiences a loss.

To watch, click here.

“A Bass to Stand On” is about a great music program that provides free music lessons for over 200 kids in Ottawa. The program is about more than just music. I’m really proud of this piece. To watch it, click here.

This was our final documentary, which was due on the last day of November. We decided to take a look at something that is around us the entire month– moustaches!

To watch The Moustache Movement, click here.

For the final show, I fell into the position of “interview segment anchor,” a role I was terrified of. I think that was the moment I realized how much I love television journalism.  Here’s the piece we put together (with a larger group of students).

Click here to watch.



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