Stereotypes- The Happiest Dane

The Happiest Dane

By: Emily Dickinson

Søren Hansen is proof that the stereotype of Danes being the happiest people in the world just might be true. But even more so, he insists he is thehappiest Dane in Denmark.

Søren Hansen, sitting in a pub in Aalborg, Denmark.

Søren, at a pub in Aalborg, says he definitely fits the stereotype as a happy Dane.

Hansen, 25, said that he is at the happiest point in his life—a recent graduate at the University of Aalborg, he is an intern for a clinical psychologist, is starting his own sports psychology business, plays basketball for the top league in Denmark, volunteers at an orphanage, and is a drummer in a band.

Although he is extremely busy, he said he doesn’t want over-thinking or worrying to ever preventing him from doing something that he might enjoy.

“If an opportunity presents itself, if I like it, I want to do it,” he said, describing himself at this stage of his life as a “psychology-studying athlete who does a lot of music.”

But it’s not his athletic career nor his career ambitions that define Hansen best. It’s his positive outlook on life, he says, that keep the good things coming his way.

“I always say that the universe loves me, because every time I have a wish or there is something I want to do, it just pops up,” he said. “But I love the universe too, so it goes both ways.”

His ability to see the world as a positive place really seems to be working.

“Everything just really worked out for me in the last two or three months, he said. “Everything just fell into place.”

Since the beginning of 2011, which he voted to make his best year yet, Hansen said that he found “the one.”

He said that his girlfriend, Maria, is everything that he has been looking for, yet is the only thing that he is speechless about.

“I could make a list of a hundred reasons of why I love her, but it wouldn’t be it,” he said. “It’s something else that I don’t know.”

Although he admits that life can feel perfect when you’re in love, he said he was a very happy person before he met Maria, too.

“She’s just the cherry on the sundae.”

There is, however, one thing wrong in his life right now—Maria is on a ten-day vacation, and he really misses her.

“I lived 25 years without her, and now that I know her, I can’t go ten days.”

Hansen hopes to start a family with her one day, but for now, he lives with his two best friends the Northern Danish city of Aalborg. He said he would never like to live alone, as he described himself as a fun and social person who loves being around people.

“I don’t think there is anything in life that I would rather do alone, other than going to the toilet,” he joked.

Although living with friends can often be difficult, he said he never has roommate problems because he doesn’t let the little things get on his nerves. He said he is a laid back roommate, and he even sees doing laundry and dishes as just a favour for his best friends. “It’s just different ways of approaching life, I think.”

“We don’t see things the way they are, we see them as we are,” he said, making reference to a quote that he recently heard that he thinks describes how he likes to view life.

He said he doesn’t believe in karma as a magical force, but he thinks that it is a good concept to live life with a positive attitude so that you can make good things come your way.

“Right now, its really hard for me to think of something that doesn’t make me smile in my life,” he said. “Yes, I am the happiest Dane in Denmark.”


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