“The world’s smallest big city.”- Svend, the caretaker at the student residence where I lived, Gruntdvigs Hus.

Most of my blogging came from Aarhus, Denmark, even if it wasn’t about there. A huge chunk of my heart is still in Aarhus, and I am counting down the seconds until I can go back. Who knew I could fall in love with a town I never heard of, in a country I never really cared about. I don’t think a day of my life will go by when I don’t think of Aarhus.

So easy to get robbed, but I still love it. 8B Gruntdvigs, my home for 5 months. Photo: Emily Dickinson

I finally figured out how downtown Aarhus connects, five months later. Two-story cities can be confusing. Photo: Emily DickinsonWe were so lucky to have sun on our graduation day. We spent it eating and drinking in the sun- hygge at its finest. Photo: Emily Dickinson

Us internationals loving the beach. Photo: Emily Dickinson

My happiness gives Danes a run for their money when I am in downtown Aarhus, and the sun is actually out. Photo: Åsa Secher


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