A Danish Job Interview

I’ll keep this post short and sweet– just like my ten minute job audition. That’s right… audition. I volunteered myself to be a bartender at my school’s Fridaybar one night. So yesterday morning, word starts going around the school that the auditions are today, and we should check our times. Of course, the Danes are trying to scare us internationals, telling us that we will have to drink 3 beer and do ten shots, and then we have to make up a rap and a dance to be picked… etc etc. So after lots of deliberation of whether to do it or not, 3:30 rolled around and I was nervously waiting go to for my audition. (I thought if anything, it would be a story to tell?)

One by one, my classmates came upstairs (the Fridaybar is in the basement of the school) slightly more giddy then when they’d gone in.

*Note– this professional blog is not supposed to be about any sort of drinking activity but, I live in Denmark now, and it is what it is.

I walked awkwardly into the bar to a panel of judges sitting all around a booth. After showing that I could do a shot without vomiting (I tried so hard to keep myself poised), the questions began.

1. What will you regret most about this interview? — Wearing Sorels. (How was I supposed to know I had to impress a group of bartenders on a Monday afternoon?)

2. What will you regret most at the end of the semester? –I had to answer truthfully. I mean, I usually end up regretting some sort of event that includes me dancing in front of large amounts of people. Well of course that led me to having to show what I mean.

So, on the pool table, I “dougied.”

3. How do you flirt with a guy? — (I get super awkward and make some jokes to not answer the question.)

4. If you could have one Canadian face painted on the wall of the bar, who would it be? — Justin Bieber.

5. Would you want a Justin Bieber-themed bar night? –I would love that. (I was told that was the wrong answer)

There were a few more that I can’t remember. But for my Canadian readers, lets just think about this. The bar staff sit in the bar, get drunk, and ask internationals awkward questions. Can you imagine that this is real life? I love it. Needless to say, I got this lovely volunteer (as in, UNPAID… as in, just-for-the-love-of-working-the-bar) bartending job. Oh, gotta love Denmark!!!!


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