Arriving in Denmark

It has only been 2 days and I feel like I could write a novel. Going across the world alone was of course terrifying, but not as terrifying as you would think. I am more just so surprised by the little things that are different. It is Wednesday evening now, and I left about this time on Monday (with the time difference I have no idea how long it’s actually been.) Continue reading…

Going to University in Denmark

I walked into my first day at the Danish School of Journalism on Monday morning. I saw about 40 faces that I didn’t recognize, and I felt like I was in grade nine again. I awkwardly stumbled around to find a seat (although acting like I was totally comfortable and not phased by it). I dug in to a fresh bun and red pepper cream cheese, which has chunks of red pepper and would kick Philadelphia’s butt in a cream cheese competition, and tried to focus on breakfast rather than my nerves. Continue reading…

The scariest night of my life

Figures. I live in Ottawa and spend multiple nights terrified of “phantoms” and break-ins, and I wake up every morning realize my fear of the darkness is pretty ridiculous.  Once I got to Denmark, my fear of the night faded (slightly) because of how safe and wonderful and perfect and crime-free Danes claim their country is. There is no denying the safety level… and, well, this story just solidifies it. (knock on wood) Continue reading...

A Danish Job Interview

I’ll keep this post short and sweet– just like my ten minute job audition. That’s right… audition. I volunteered myself to be a bartender at my school’s Fridaybar one night. So yesterday morning, word starts going around the school that the auditions are today, and we should check our times. Continue reading…


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